Keep the Ball Real… More or Less

Which do you do? Do you keep the ball real MORE? LESS? Let me explain.

So many times I have watched tennis players of all levels have moderate to very bad mishits during attempts at hitting tennis balls, or more precisely when they’re trying to make shots. I think that people too often take their focus away from the actual hitting of the ball and become distracted by a vision of a ball seemingly hit, or by a vision of a ball that is perceived on its way to a designated target area, or some other mental image picture. In any case, the ball that was sent by the opponent is NOT SEEN at the  point of contact. At that moment the actual ball is unreal and that is evident in the surprise caused by the mishit.

The 3 components for excellent hitting are: 1. KEEP SEEING the ball. 2. Know your Racket position. 3. Control the bounce off the strings. 

The failed component that causes the mishit is the FIRST. A player must SEE the ball in order to POSITION the racket. Now this is MORE than merely “keeping your ‘eye’ on the ball”. A player can keep their eye on something and SEE something else. Any mental image picture occurring will become senior to what the eye is on. Therefore the EYE and MIND must focus on the same object, the BALL in order to KEEP IT REAL. Doing this will make executing ALL components exactly doable.