D`Stroke Tennis

Tennis is a simple game.
Let me show you how.


Let me help you with your tennis


It's the same basic everywhere

Watch players of every level. There are similarities and many differences. The true basics are universal.


Mind and body in sync?

You also need awareness of  your tennis environment. Did you know that if you are seeing the happenings of the mind, the physical ball becomes less real?


Your peace of mind

Tennis is much calmer when there is less confusion. This can especially be seen in children’s play. There are so many things to overwhelm and think about unless it can be realized that there isn’t.

Mainly the DFW Metroplex

That includes the suburbs in the North, South, East and West.


I specialize in...

Players with

  • NO Experience
  • Limited Experience
  • Competitive Experience
  • Almost all ages including the very young. (not under 3 y/o however) 
  • Desire to only workout and / or improve their current level of play.

“Begin your journey to a better

– simple way to approach the game of tennis”

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